About Express Glass


Express  Glass provides mobile auto glass replacement service to Tampa, Clearwater, Lakeland, Palm Beach and the rest of central Florida. Call Express Glass to replace any window in your vehicle; from the windshield to the back glass. We accept every year, make and model of car, truck, and SUV. We can even handle all the insurance paperwork.

When replacing a windshield, great care must be taken to prevent future damage. A windshield that is not set properly is down right dangerous. Not only could the windshield crack or leak, but it could also become detached from the vehicle's frame or fall out all together! That is why the technicians at Express Glass carefully clean the opening, removing pieces of the molding and old windshield adhesive as well as check for corrosion and rust around the windshield opening. These small steps ensure a perfect fit for your windshield, free from water leaks and wind noise.


About FW1


FW1 Cleaning Wax is a high performance cleaning wax that is designed to clean and protect your vehicle without the use of any water. You can achieve fast, amazing results in a matter of seconds. FW1 Cleaning Wax removes grease, tar, bugs, mildew, road grime, light scratches and marks, revives most faded paints and even tree sap. FW1 Cleaning Wax is environmentally friendly containing no silicones, teflons, or CFCs that may be harmful to the environment, or deplete the ozone layer. You can achieve fast, clean results in a few simple steps. All you need to do is spray on, rub in gently and shine off, it’s that easy! FW1 Cleaning Wax also cleans motorbikes, trucks, boats, caravans and the kitchen sink to name a few. It can be used on any non-porous surface such as chrome, glass, mirrors, fibreglass, aluminum, gel coat finishes, stainless steel, non porous plastic, tiles and more.


In 2008, FW1 Cleaning Wax was awarded by  Smart Approved Watermark(a non-for profit organisation that promotes water-saving products) as a product that met the fundamentals of water conservation, an issue of continued importance in Australia. Considering it takes 32 litres of water to wash the average car yet one single can of FW1 Cleaning Wax washes four medium-sized cars, the choice for car cleaning is easy!