By providing a solid on site and event marketing campaign for the products we represent, we ensure more success than traditional forms of marketing and advertising that are not fluent in getting the product into the consumers hands. Certainly the message is clear when the products and services are presented to the consumer in a manner that allows them to see and touch rather than imagine. Our products and services speak volumes for themselves, what better form of advertising could you use?



As the ultimate in versatility, our event representatives can adapt to many environments. Some of the services we deliver for our clients are:


  • Product Placement

  • Hands on Promotions

  • Product/Service Packaging

  • New Product Samples

  • Advertisement of service

  • Live demonstrations



When putting two or more heads together, better results are achieved than if tackled independently. This is why we focus on teamwork in all aspects of our business. The successful representative will learn to manage a team locally or in one of our newer markets. We are dedicated to 100% professionalism on any given day. You will find that our representatives are courteous, professional, and committed to customer and client satisfaction. Using our hands-on training philosophy, we ensure that all of our representatives are fully trained in all aspects of our company.



Consistency is above all the most important factor when it comes to our representatives. We believe that true success comes from bringing individuals together from varying backgrounds and experiences. Our approach key to our success. Our team of professionals performs efficiently under any circumstances and with any consumer. We seek out those individuals that have the drive and determination to be successful.

We seek individuals who are team players, creative thinkers and self starters, who are goal and detail-oriented and have an affinity for working with people. These individuals are responsible and have ambition to progress in a self paced environment and fast paced atmosphere.